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Ashford Borough Council see 37% reduction in energy usage.

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Since the project began, the collective Out-Of-Hours consumption of the Civic Centre has reduced by around 37%

About Ashford Borough Council.

Ashford Borough Council is a local authority providing service to residents in Ashford, Tenterden and surrounding villages. Ashford Borough Council holds a commitment to reduce carbon emissions from their estate by 30% in adherence to their own Carbon Management Plan.

What did we do for Ashford Borough Council?

Ashford Borough Council approached energy consultancy GCI Ltd to assist in reducing the energy consumption at their Civic Centre. The long term journey includes the installation of LED Lighting, Solar PV, and other sustainable or renewable technologies. Before any work could be considered, there was a need to fully understand exactly how the energy was being used.

GCI Ltd worked with the council to create a tailored solution, including the MY ZeERO Global Energy Management (GEM) service. MY ZeERO supplied two Power Distribution Monitors (PDM) to monitor 42 individual circuits that supply electrical power to the various departments within the Civic Centre.

The PDMs collect this data and send it to the secure MY ZeERO cloud platform, where it is processed and displayed within the cloud based GEM portal. In-and out- of hours working of the Civic Centre were integrated into the portal, allowing Ashford Borough Council to easily establish patterns of use, and determine where savings could be made.

The Results.

Since the project began, the collective Out-Of-Hours consumption of the Civic Centre has reduced by around 37%. Being able to see the when and where they were spending money on energy has allowed them to make a big difference; the shift patterns of cleaning staff were adjusted and the deployment of inexpensive timer switches on a number of items. Ashford Borough Council continue to use the GEM Portal to prove and track their recent LED Lighting investment.

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The Customer's view.

“Since installation, we’ve reduced our overall energy use significantly thanks to the information made available by MeasureMyEnergy. We have used the system to map our energy throughout our organisation, allowing us to pinpoint areas we can make further saving in the future and giving us details on usage to prove the possible savings before moving forward.”
Peter Brooker, Ashford Borough Council
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