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Autism Wessex deploy MY ZeERO tech as part of wider energy efficient programme.

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Gained Clear Visibility into their energy usage by using MY ZeERO.

About Autism Wessex.

Autism Wessex is a regional charity providing specialist services for people affected by autism and associated difficulties across the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. One of these services is Portfield School, which the charity manages. Portfield School, founded in 1968, provides education and residential options (including overnight respite) for up to 70 children and young people with autism. The school has an array of tailored facilities including therapy pool, sensory rooms and a secure play area – alongside the teaching classrooms.

What did we do for Autism Wessex?

Portfield School had relatively high energy use and Kevin Medcraft and his FM team were keen to have a clearer understanding of where their electrical energy was going across the estate.

The real-time monitoring kit was installed as part of a wider energy ‘action plan’ as the school already had invested in Solar PV panels and LED lighting.

The FM team wanted to use the monitoring solution to not only see where they were using most energy around the campus, but also to quantify the other energy efficient technologies that had previously been deployed. The system also has the capability to show the import/export of the energy generated from the rooftop PV.

MY ZeERO installed 2 x 24 way Power Distribution Monitors (PDMs) to measure the schools incoming mains electricity to, initially, provide an element of sub-metering to show the school how much energy was being used. There was also 16 3 phase supplies to measure the educational facilities, the respite and therapy rooms and the separate live-in areas.

Once the PDM has taken the real-time readings they transmit this information into the cloud based portal where designated users can access the information in an easy-to-understand platform showing usage in pounds and pence mode, viewable on any device.

The Results.

The solution that Portfield School has, tells the team how much is being used in each department. The company can now see how much electricity is spent where and the cost in pounds and pence of each area. Having the data also allows the school to prove their existing technologies.

The next phase of the project will be to show the team how this power is used in residencies and what exactly is spent on lighting, air conditioning and small power items, as they have the ability to drill down to individual appliance level.

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The Customer's view.

“To gain real-time insights into the electrical consumption of the school buildings was invaluable to us. The fact that we had already invested in LED lighting also meant that we were able to validate the outlay on these by seeing our energy reduction”
Kevin Medcraft, Facilities Manager
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