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Marchwood Power reduces consumption by 58%.

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Energy Efficiency

Validation of Projects

Demonstrate ESOS Compliance

About Marchwood Power.

Marchwood Power owns and operates a £380m natural gas-fired power station on the Marchwood Industrial Park near Southampton, Hampshire. They began commercially generating electricity in December 2009. The station generates approximately 895MW of electricity for the National Grid, enough to supply one million homes. This is equivalent to the needs of Southampton, the New Forest and Winchester. It is currently one of the most efficient power stations in the UK. Impacts on the environment and nearby communities are strictly controlled.

What did we do for Marchwood Power?

Marchwood Power had a requirement to better understand the energy being consumed by the on-site contractor cabins. They needed to understand where and when energy was being consumed in these areas. This would allow them to indentify ways they could actively reduce consumption. MY ZeERO supplied one Power Distribution Monitor (“PDM”) to understand the consumption of 36 individual circuits that supply electrical power to the alarms, flood lighting, showers and servers in the contractor cabins. The PDM collects this data and then streams it in real time to the MME cloud platform, where it is processed and then displayed within the online Global Energy Management portal.

The Results.

Since installation, the on-site team have been able to identify that a large proportion of the electrical consumption was due to the flood light regime. Having simply changed that regime, the out of hours usage was significantly reduced, enabling a step change reduction in cost.


Marchwood Power was only able to observe the detailed consumption by using MY ZeERO’s leading-edge technology. This allowed targeted action to be taken which resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of 58%. In addition to the financial savings, Marchwood Power has also been able to demonstrate the proactive steps taken which has contributed to passing their ESOS audit.

Based on their experience, Marchwood Power will be expanding MY ZeERO into further areas of their site to gain materially better visibility of energy consumption and highlight other areas of potential savings.

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The Customer's view.

“We are showing a substantial reduction already and the amendments we have made only took effect two-thirds of the way through the month. Clearly the initiative remains a tremendous success and should therefore achieve payback within two months of installation”
Mike Trench, Financial Commercial Director at Marchwood Power Limited
“Following the installation of the system, we have been able to identify several improvements that have resulted in a drastic reduction in our energy consumption. The system not only provides a valuable tool for identifying areas of improvement, but it also provides the data that assists us with justifying the improvement project in the first place and then also monitoring its success. We look forward to continuing our relationship and increasing the coverage across other distribution systems”
Scott Curtis, Electrical Engineer at Marchwood Power Limited
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