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MeasureMyEnergy provide ‘ECG’ for Royal Opera House.

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Set up real time alerts to inform them by text of unexpected energy usage.

Gained clear visibility of the energy usage and energy worst offenders.

About Royal Opera House.

The purpose-built Linbury Studio Theatre is a flexible modern theatre space within the heart of the Royal Opera House. With seating for 394 people, this contemporary space is an ideal venue for conferences with high production and AV requirements.

What did we do for Royal Opera House?

The Royal Opera House needed to be able to monitor the electrical power consumed by their stage lighting equipment within the Linbury Studio. They engaged with industry consultancy :entertaining sustainability, who proposed the installation of a MeasureMyEnergy Global Energy Management (GEM) system to meet this requirement.

MY ZeERO supplied two Power Distribution Monitors (PDM) to measure the electrical power consumption of 36 key circuits across two separately located distribution boards. The PDMs collect this data and send it to the MeasureMyEnergy portal, where it is processed and displayed within the online portal.

The Results.

With each channel on a PDM configurable as three-phase or single-phase, the Royal Opera house has gained maximum data granularity by separating the data for each dimmer phase, enabling them to drill down into which areas of the stage systems are using most and least power.

All recorded data can be interrogated by Lighting Systems staff wherever they are, allowing consumption between productions, circuits, or even weeks to be compared. Automatic alerts can be set up to email key staff members in the event of unexpected usage – for example if equipment is left on overnight.

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The Customer's view.

“The data is immensely valuable – it’s like an ECG for the Linbury Studio.”
Robin Barton, Lighting Systems Technician
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