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Energy insights support Rutland Plastics in reducing peak demand charges.

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Validated investment of Co2 and energy reduction plan.

With clear visibility into their usage they could change behaviour to avoid peak charges.

About Rutland Plastics.

MY ZeERO and Munns and Co. have worked together in partnership for many years providing energy monitoring solutions to a wide range of industries.

Oakham-based plastic injection moulder, Rutland Plastics, was founded in 1956 and throughout the years, the company have continued to expand on the same site and factory area which now exceeds 66,000 sq/ft.

What did we do for Rutland Plastics?

As part of a £2.2m reinvestment, Rutland Plastics implemented an energy and CO2 reduction programme that involved a diverse array of energy efficient and economic ‘green power’ installations.

Munns and Co. recommended real time monitoring from MY ZeERO as part of this project to not only monitor, but also validate the outlay of their other energy efficient spend.

Peak demand charges are especially common within the manufacturing and industrial industry and can represent as much as 30% of energy bills due to large plant equipment.

The Results.

Rutland Plastics were keen to significantly reduce their energy costs and identify how they could stagger their operating times to avoid paying these additional charges. They wanted assigned staff members to have more visibility and control over their energy actions to allow them to make positive change to result in downward utility costs.

The company deployed 2 x 12 way Power Distribution Monitors (PDM’s) into their factory space to provide real time visibility of their energy activity. Once the PDM has taken the readings this is instantly transmitted to the cloud based platform which shows usage in pounds and pence and is viewable on any device.

The platform is accessible to all managers across Rutland Plastics, delivering visibility of energy usage and generation, plus CO2 reductions – subsequently promoting a better understanding of the company’s energy consumption and crucially the ability to compare and assess trends, taking action where required.

Insight provided by the MY ZeERO software identified inefficiencies in the cooling system within the factory, this has since been resolved and has allowed for the implementation of super-efficient manufacturing schedules which are already showing savings.

As an aside, Rutland Plastics have been shortlisted in the 2016 Plastic Industry Awards for the commitment to their energy programme.

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The Customer's view.

“The data has allowed us to validate our investment in clean energy technology, review our CO2 reduction programme and manage our energy in terms of consumption, identifying inefficiencies and delivering cost savings”
Maintenance Manager
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